INTOA design is a brand founded in 2010 by Tampere-based textile designer Helena Hannula.

We design and manufacture custom accessories and home textiles using as many recycled materials as possible. The aim is to make ecological, beautiful and durable products from the materials already used.

The main materials at the moment are recycled jeans and rag rugs, on the basis of which our collection is created. Our design is material-oriented and open-minded; we want to combine different materials or find a new shape for a material that has already been used for a new purpose. We manufacture products in small series or as unique individual pieces. Our collections live over time and the products are modified according to the customer's wishes. For example, we manufacture denim slippers according to customers' color and material wishes.

We procure materials e.g. from nearby flea markets and businesses. We also accept donations. If some of the materials needed are not available in recycled form, we strive to use surplus materials from various manufacturers. In the product design phase we pay attention to the most efficient use of textile material, minimizing waste material. We avoid unnecessary packaging and the necessary packaging materials are recycled or recyclable. In doing so, we want to play our part in supporting sustainable development.

We also make custom products for both companies and communities based on our own collection.