Denim Slippers, kids, zippered

29.00 (US $33.61)

Handmade by INTOA design in Finland.

Also available on Etsy: Denim Slippers, kids, zippered

Slippers made of recycled materials. Lining is made of felted wool or terry. There are anti-slip leather patches on the soles.

Available with either zippers or rubber bands. Washing at or below 40°C (warm).

The slippers are available in blue, gray, and black. You can select an in-stock lining color below or ask for a custom color.

Not sure which lining option to pick?
Terry is breathing and water-absorbing, and thus non-sweaty, while wool lining provides additional warmth.

Sizing details:

EU size Inner length US Children US M US W
22-23 15 cm 5½-6½    
24-25 16 cm 7-8    
26-27 17 cm 8½-10    
28-29 18.5 cm 10½-11½    
30-31 20 cm 12-13    
32-33 21 cm   1-2 2½-3½
34-35 22.5 cm   2½-3½ 4-5


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